Reinventing sample preparation for chemical analysis

Fresh Chromato SMR-100 automates the preparation of samples for instrumental analysis (HPLC & MS).
It is designed for contaminated samples of biological and environmental origin.

Traditional sample preparation methods are troublesome



Samples of biological origin include lots of contaminants. Even expensive equipment fails to remove these impurities resulting in contaminated samples being passed on for further HPLC and MS analysis.


Manual Work

Traditional sample preparation methods are troublesome: they often require manual work and several steps of processing, such as centrifugation, salting out or filtration.


High Maintenance Costs

This results in high maintenance costs. HPLC columns must often be replaced. Mass Spectrometers require expensive servicing. The whole industry got used to that because there was no better solution.


Time consumption

Sample pre-processing not only consumes resources but also takes time. There are no effective sample purification techniques that offer higher degree of automation.

Fresh Chromato SMR-100 is a complete end-to-end sample preparation device.

Fully Automated.

The whole sample preparation process is fully automated. All you need to do is insert the tray with input samples, load the TLC plate and choose the appropriate program.

Accepts Raw Samples.

You can use raw samples of blood, urine, plasma, serum, saliva, soil or surface waters, skipping the initial processing. Just add the internal standard and you are ready to go.

Costs low on supplies.

SMR-100 uses cheap chromatographic plates, where up to 80 samples can be applied at one time. This allows to cut the cost of supplies by up to 15x compared to standard SPE columns.

High throughput.

The patent-pending Solvent Front Position Extraction (SFPE) technology enabled us to design a device that can process up to 60 samples an hour.

Built for LCMS.

Extend the lifespan of expensive LCMS equipment and cut the maintenance costs - for example, extend the longevity of HPLC columns by up to 4 times.

Unmatched purity.

Fresh Chromato introduces a new sample preparation method that enables you to extract only key components from raw samples with complicated biological matrices.

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Sample Application

Determining coccidiostats in Poultry Feed

In this study, the new technique was used for isolation and determination of 7 coccidiostats, from both main groups: ionophores and chemical coccidiostats.

  • Its effectiveness was evaluated by comparing it with SPE-LC-MS/MS.

  • Validation parameters met regulatory requirements.

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New Product!

TLC Plate Extractor

In many use cases, automation is not as important as ease of use, convenience and affordability! We have developed this mechanical TLC Plate Extractor as a side project to support fellow scientists' research initiatives.

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About Us

Fresh Chromato was founded by Prof. Tadeusz Dzido, previously head of Physical Chemistry Deptartment at Medical University of Lublin, Poland, along with his son Tomasz, a tech product designer.

In 1991, Prof. Dzido designed & launched the production of the first horizontal chambers for TLC, still preferred by many scientists and sold largely unchanged for over 30 years. Now, his team is giving the classic TLC technique a new life by releasing the world's most selective, fully-automated sample preparation robot.


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